Perfect Metal and PM a leading manufacturer who ventured into the finer concepts of screw, high tensile bolt, rivet and other related products is committed to prevent environmental pollution, occupational health and safety related accidents, illnesses and continual improvement of our Environmental, health and Safety (EHS) performance and management system throughout our business operations. We will :

  • Comply to all applicable EHS legal and other requirements.
  • Minimize release of pollutant to air, water and land.
  • Optimize usage of natural resources and raw materials
  • Reduce generation of waste by maximizing, reusing and recycling opportunities.
  • Include EHS considerations in new development and products.
  • Provide and maintain clean, safe and healthy working environment to all interested parties.
  • Control and manage all significant risks especially related to machineries and hazardous chemicals.
  • Promote EHS awareness and develop individual responsibility for all employees, contractors and visitors.


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